ADIRA 6-10 kVA

ADIRA 6-10 kVA
uninterruptible power supply

The ADIRA is EFFEKTA® ‘s latest development in online double-conversion UPS. With its compact design, it can be used on a very limited space. Its back-up time can be extremely flexible extended with external battery packs.

Due to the continuous development of our UPS technology the ADIRA offers you an improved sinus quality and a power factor of 0.9. The usage of IGBT rectifiers reduces the distortion of dependent mains. The current drain is almost ideally sinusoidal.

  • Huge input voltage range
  • Power factor > 0.9
  • Eco Mode (efficiency >96%)
  • Low THD(i) even at partial load
  • Frequency converter mode
  • Relay contacts as standard

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  • UPS classification VFI-SS111 (IEC 62040-3)
  • On-line double conversion
  • PFC rectifier with IGBT technology
  • High efficiency
  • Sine wave output
  • Digital signaling processor
  • Clearly arranged LCD display
  • Compact design
  • USB interface as standard
  • Relay contacts as standard
  • Expansion Slot for SNMP card
  • 24 months warranty