SOL Inverter
High-performance solar inverters


The SOL Series Solar Inverters range between 35 KW and 67 KW and are designed for industrial use. Their main features are the three separate MPPT and three-phase outputs.


Efficiency: Up to 98.2% Euro efficiency. More than 99.9% MPPT accuracy.
Flexibility: Wide DC voltage range up to 900VDC.
Reliability: DC / AC output converter with three-phase bridge. Three separate MPPT followers for optimal energy efficiency.

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Additional properties
  • Wide working temperature: -25°C / +60°C
  • Low sensitivity to network interference
  • Circuit breaker-equipped DC connection panel that does not require special tools
  • RS485 / WLAN & Ethernet interface
  • Easy to access connecting area, DC switch integrated
  • LCD display for reading all operating status and observation data.
  • Models: SOL-30K SOL-50K SOL-60K