THOR Modular

THOR Modular
uninterruptible power supply

THOR Modular is EFFEKTA’s new scalable online double-conversion UPS system with 3-phase in- and output. The system is available with a output power range of 10 up to 520kVA and can be equipped with modules from 10 up to 40kVA.

Via the central control panel with touch screen the status of the UPS, individual modules and warning messages are displayed. The configuration of the UPS modules and their tests can be performed from here too. In addition, each module has its own display with major information. The THOR Modular is a scalable online doubleconversion UPS system and can be configured with modules on the output power range of 10 up to 520kVA*.

  • UPS classification VFI-SS-111 in accordance with IEC 62040-3
  • Online double conversion with sinusoidal output THDI < 3%
  • Large input voltage window
  • Excellent power factor of 0.9
  • Power Factor 1 at 10/20kVA/kW modules
  • High efficiency (up to 95%) switchable to ECO mode (up to 98%, line-interactive)
  • High input power factor up to 1 (0.99)
  • Compact module design (3U)
  • Modular N + X parallel redundancy
  • Parallel operation for up to 13 modules per cabinet
  • High power density (up to 520kVA/cabinet)
  • Monitoring and control via touch screen LCD panel
  • EPO (remote shutdown)
  • Extensive communication interfaces
  • Management software for all common OS
  • Battery voltage adjustable (32, 34, 36, 38 or 40 x 12V batteries) Thus also can be used for many present battery systems
  • 100% suitable for load imbalances
  • Programmable “service indicator”
  • 12 months warranty

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Additional properties

The modular and redundant design of the THOR system ensures high reliability and availability. When configuring N + X parallel-redundancy, the load is immediately redistributed without interruption on the remaining modules if one module fails. In case of faults or to general maintenance the modules can be removed during operation and / or replaced by new ones. As well as all THOR Modular systems can be extended on the fly without much effort with additional modules. Because of this “hot-swappable” feature any reduction in the current operation of your consumer is avoided. This helps you to improve efficiency and avoid costs. The modules of the EFFEKTA THOR® Modular meet the highest technical standards of reliability and efficiency. The only 3 U high modules preserve sensitive loads from power blackouts, line noise, voltage and current peaks, frequency interference and disturbances caused by switching on the power grid and other risks.