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Our mission – What we do

• We support the continuous growth of our partners

• We provide effective support in development

• Work hard to be seen as an efficient and reliable value creator by the electronics segment in every part of the world

Our vision

To make development from ideas to implementation available to all.

Our goal is to evolve and prepare for the challenges of the future.

How we’ve grown

When our company was founded in 1991, we appeared on the market as an electronics service.

When our company was founded in 1991, we appeared on the market as an electronics service. Our family business grew rapidly and 2 years later, in 1993 we opened our first store, where we began selling electronic devices and components. In the following years, a number of new business partners appeared in our company’s life, with whom we started working together and expanding our range of activities. Thanks to these, our company was able to develop further at the turn of the millennium and we purchased our first line of SMD implantation machines. As a result of the acquisition of this machinery, the process of electronics production began. Our service activities expanded even further when we started cooperating with large, multinational enterprises such as SONY Europe and JVCKENWOOD.

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As a result of our continuous development, we opened our technical damage assessment department in 2002, which has been operating as a nationwide network since 2009. In 2012, we established our own Research & Development & Innovation department to fully support our customers and their development projects from idea to implementation.

We believe that continuous learning is the basis of R & D & I. Therefore, in 2014 we joined the dual training system of the University of Szeged so that the mechanical, mechatronics and electrical engineers of the future could acquire competitive knowledge studying with us.

Starting from 2016, we began our very own product developments. As a result of these projects, we have created our solar energy storage system, Taranis, using intelligent Lithium technology; our integrated crop production technology, the SolveSun Horticultural Luminaire, and our latest product, SolveAir, a filter-free air disinfectant device that does not use chemicals or emit ozone.

Our staff

We are a sustainable business thanks to our colleagues. Our philosophy is to employ motivated, committed and determined individuals. We value loyalty and experience but in addition to these, we also invest in new knowledge and resources that can support the continued growth and improvement of all of our staff.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company places great emphasis on social responsibility. In 2021, we donated millions of forints worth of our self-developed SolveAir air disinfectant devices to the Szeged Ambulance Station.

The year before, we offered the Hungarian Children's Rescue Foundation the value of the gifts intended for our partners.

Environmental protection

For us, sustainable development and environmental protection are basic requirements.

It is important that we fulfill our needs – whether they are energy, water or any raw material we require – sustainably, so that we can ensure that future generations will also be able to fulfill their needs on a livable planet.

The values of SolvElectric Technologies

• Being purposeful and responsible

• Excellence and agility

• Creativity

• Flexibility and being open to collaboration

• Family business and international presence


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