Warranty repair: SONY, JVCKenwood, Philips

National service network for technical damage assessment

’All-in-one’ service: complete maintenance and service package

UPS commissioning, maintenance and repair


Our expert colleagues quickly and efficiently assess and eliminate any problems or malfunctions, and also provide our customers with useful advice so that they can use their devices without any issues for as long as possible.

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Our service department provides warranty and post-warranty service, maintenance scheduling and maintenance for all of the products we design and manufacture. Not only that, but we are also warranty partners for SONY, JVCKendwood and Philips.

We have a nationwide service network within Hungary, but European-level bulk repairs are no issue either, thanks to our efficient logistics system, which we have developed with years of experience and which enables fast pick-ups and delivery even when we are at maximum capacity.

In addition to our traditional service activities, we developed an “All-in-One” service package for the absolute comfort of our clients. This is a complete maintenance and service package for all the consumer electronics, office appliances, communications and industrial devices used by the customer. The package can be tailored to suit any and all needs: we will conduct a preliminary survey to map the device park to be covered by the service and record the customer’s exact requirements to develop the most appropriate support service.

Our service staff is supported by our self-developed service management program (STM – Service Team Manager), which makes monitoring the current status of all the devices in our system possible at any given moment. With the help of the online DRS (Damage Report System), individual damage events can be uploaded to our central system in mere minutes, where they are processed immediately. With this advanced system, we know the exact status of each and every device within it and this data is available to our clients at any time.

We repair PCB units on a daily basis with state-of-the-art component testing technology. What’s more, we can perform software testing and we make sure to back up our data as often as possible.

With our nationwide coverage, we ensure fast and efficient work for our existing and future clients.


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